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What is a Exercise plan?

A training plan from GA gives you day to day advice on how to manage your blood sugars with exercise. With your GA account you will login and find custom guidance on nutrition and insulin as it relates to your exercise regimen. Need a more custom approach to your plan? There are three types of training plans to work with at GA.

What do you get with a GA Exercise Plan?

8 Weeks Exercise Coaching (Plan only) $200

You can select a plan only approach and learn on your own the best practices and tips from our expert coaches. With a plan, you will learn every day how to adjust your basal insulin and monitor your exercise and nutrition for greater control. Plan guidance also includes timing of insulin, global commentary on basal regimens, hormonal insulin responses and heart rate based training.

8 Weeks Exercise Custom Coaching (Custom Plan only with GA Coach Setup) $400

Selecting a custom plan setup with a GA coach will be more dialed in to your needs and exercise patterns. With this plan, you will start by having an initial consultation via phone or Skype with your coach who will review what kinds of activities you like to do and help schedule them on the calendar to match your lifestyle. Focus will be on timing of exercise, nutrition guidance and review of your current regimen and with proposed changes.

One to One Coaching with a GA Coach. (Custom Plan and daily interaction with GA Coach) $500/Month

Working one on one with a GA coach is the best way to see faster results and the best opportunity to tap into the knowledge of our coaching experts. With this type of plan and coaching, you will have all that is included in the plan only and custom setup options with the added benefit of consulting with a GA coach by email, text, Skype and phone on an ongoing basis.

How to use a Exercise Plan?

Your exercise and diabetes plan can be accessed from your phone or the web. Once you purchase a plan you will receive login information where you will find activities posted for you by your coach with step by step instructions on how to exercise and manage your diabetes.
For those with endurance regimens (Running, Biking, Cardio gym workouts) your GA coach will post heart rate zones to work different energy systems as well as nutrition tips for successful blood sugar management.

Questions on how to use your plan? Email us at Info@glucoseadvisors.com