mobile and
web apps

The engine 1 mobile and web apps are designed to give guidance to Type 1 diabetics during activity or exercise. Our mobile app allows you to enter your current insulin regimen and determine the best foods and intensity of your exercise to maintain optimal blood sugars. We take the guess work out of how much to eat and help you prevent hypoglycemia during exercise. Our advanced app also helps guide insulin recommendations in realtime during exercise. Customize your favorite foods and know when and how much to take before, during and post exercise for recovery.

Know Before you go. The engine 1 mobile app is an exercise coaching assistant and can recommend alternate start times or foods for an activity when insulin levels may be too high or blood sugars hyper or hypoglycemic. Don’t feel like eating? Or want to eat prior to exercise but don’t know how much insulin to take? The coaching assistant can help guide you through this process with your insulin regimen or food modifications. Engine 1 can also help you prepare for your exercise by calculating the total carbohydrate needs before activity so you don’t run out while you are exercising.

All data syncs to our web app for deeper analysis and makes it easy to spot trends pre, during, and post exercise. Share your account with your doctor, family, or caretaker for help with your diabetes management and also share live sessions so that loved ones will know you are doing well.


What you can do with Engine 1
as a Patient and as a Caretaker….

As a person with diabetes (PWD), you get real time coaching advice while exercising. (turn by turn GPS for diabetes!) Afterwards, you can track and chart your progress, learn what foods work best for your exercise regimen and keep track of your diabetes information in our detailed logs. Looking for a deeper data dive? Upload your CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) blood sugar results and pinpoint how to adjust your regimen. Additionally, you can use a bluetooth heart rate monitor to track key physiological energy systems being used and learn from the coach how they effect your diabetes. The engine 1 app also is a teaching tool with details on all app functions that guide T1’s with best practices for better glucose control and advanced diabetes coaching and exercise management concepts. Email records to your diabetes support network, or allow them to access your account and have your doctor view and refine your insulin dosages.

For caretakers, you will be granted access by the patient / athlete to view their account information, tracking tools and charts to see how blood sugars played out.
.Together with the patient, key ranges can be set as well as refinement of insulin strategies. Alerts and notifications can be set at minimum blood sugar thresholds and notifications sent for hypoglycemia during activity. This would allow any caretaker to view your location on a GPS map in case of emergency.


Target Audience

Our apps are designed for any person with Type 1 diabetes who wants greater guidance and control during exercise. Currently, our app is limited to patients with Type 1 diabetes who are using insulin therapy with either Lantus or an insulin pump. Future versions of Engine 1 will support other insulin types , please check back for updates soon. As with any new exercise regimen, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before using Engine 1.

Features / Highlights

Engine 1 uses a robust nutritional database that asks you to preselect your favorite foods to be used for before, during, and post exercise. Our algorithms will then direct you to which food choices would be best and in what amounts dependent upon the activity type, blood sugar, and current insulin status.

Engine 1 features a setup assistant that walks you through the various pre workout steps to prepare your diabetes fully for activity and helps guide your nutrition based on your current insulin on board. Engine 1 also has a post exercise coached recovery meal that uses intensity (perceived effort and heart rate) and duration to help you select foods and also based on your fitness levels and goals.

Engine 1 mobile also has the capability to notify and warn the user for predictive low blood sugars and in some instances prevent the user from initiating exercise based on insulin on board or nutritional status. Mapping out of nutrition and exercise before workout helps the user prepare for their intended activity and stay in optimal blood sugar range.