What is Glucose Advisors LLC?

Glucose Advisors is a company with roots in diabetes, exercise, nutrition and technology. Principally, our coaches, educators and physicians work to bring the knowledge base of exercise physiology and best practices in diabetes management, together to create actionable and realtime decision support tools. Our web app and mobile app platforms create a “turn by turn” GPS for diabetes patients and those looking to exercise safely by reducing hypo and hyperglycemia. GA also is a stand alone diabetes consulting organization that will work with you and your doctor to determine the best exercise, nutrition and insulin plan for healthy results.


GA was started by Cliff Scherb, founder of TriStarAthletes.com. After completing his 15th Ironman Triathlon in 2009, Cliff was asked by several diabetic athletes “how did he manage” his insulin with such success over a long race? Answer, lots of record keeping and racing! … Wanting to tell them exact details and give them the same confidence in what worked for him, Cliff feverishly worked on his spreadsheet data combing over many years of insulin and blood sugar analysis. Normalizing and sifting through years of diabetes and exercise management data, Cliff created a decision support system for his athletes.

From there Cliff worked with Type 1 patients and athletes looking for greater blood sugar control with his tools and help. Opening the TriStar Labs in 2010, Cliff began testing the algorithms for efficacy and safety. Today that research is ongoing and tested to the highest standards and scrutiny of the FDA.

Early 2014 GA was formed to bring together the intellectual property created from Cliff’s experiences and combine it with top diabetes expert consultants. Today GA and its staff is working to bring next generation decision support systems to T1s.


We at GA are motivated by our patients who demand more and deserve more when it comes to realtime diabetes nutrition and exercise management. No detail is too small and whether you are using one of our apps or working 1×1 with a GA diabetes educator, we all “get it” and provide patient guidance to deliver on long term health benefits. Our staff works behind the scenes, troubleshooting your hurdles, thinking about you often and creating timely strategies that get results. Whether the goal is balanced energy, reducing lows, or achieving a personal best A1C, GA is your personal support staff.

Mission / Objectves

Piloting innovative support tools and teams; above all our goal is to deliver the best in diabetes management at all times, reduce the burden at all times, and do it with efficacy and safety at all times. We want our apps and staff to educate and empower people with diabetes towards greater health.

Future Plans


Near term goals are to continue with beta testing of our first apps and see them have a successful launch and user experience. Future features will be added as they are tested and developed by our team. Our advanced app and web based platform; Engine 1. This will be a next generation support system to anticipate lows and highs before, during and after exercising. Additionally, future plans include device integration with other diabetes management tools, such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.


Andrew Gentles
I began working with Cliff Scherb in 2011 when I decided that I wanted to pursue the sport of triathlon. As a Type 1 diabetic, my biggest concern was the diabetes management involved to allow me to train and race safely. Through Cliff’s guidance and mentoring, he was able to equip me with the necessary tools and knowledge to train day-in and day-out and make adjustments on the fly on the race course. He taught me the importance of insulin timing, food timing and the need to adjust basal rates following workouts based on the intensity and duration of the activity. Working with Cliff provided me a deeper level of understanding of how diabetes and exercise affects the body. The knowledge that I have gained from him has given me a greater sense of confidence to deal with the everyday battle of managing my diabetes. Before meeting Cliff, I had never completed a triathlon, and now I have done an Ironman, multiple half Ironman races and plenty of sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Cliff as he has been able to draw on his years of experience to provide others the diabetic knowledge to make a huge difference in their lives. 
Brennan Cassidy
Having both worked in diabetes and had type-1 for over 15 years I've met many people struggling to find the answers to diabetes during exercise. I'm an athlete myself having played collegiate baseball, completed an Ironman, ran races and raced bikes, all while managing type-1 diabetes both with an insulin pump and without. Finding explanation for diabetes and exercise questions can be tough in an already perplexing condition. Cliff Scherb [and Gluco-Advisors] is without a doubt the best resource for diabetes and exercise information available. I can say with absolute certainty that I've learned more from Cliff [and/or Gluco-Advisors] than anyone else including healthcare providers or my healthcare team. Cliff [and/or Gluco-Advisors] has a tried and true method for managing diabetes during exercise. I couldn't trust anyone else more.